With Sanders, white liberals are in play

I said yesterday no one knows whether Bernie Sanders can win. But there are things we do know, like the resilience of racism. Most white Americans have no idea how foundational it has been in shaping their lives. Therefore, many white liberals probably won’t think twice before voting for a fascist over a socialist bent on taxing them.

Take seriously what Michael Harriot said: “What a lot of white liberals fail to realize is that a lot of their skinfolk know Trump is a lying, dumb, corrupt, inept president. However, he hasn’t materially affected their lives in any way. Those people would quickly vote for a regular, run-of-the-mill moderate Democrat over Trump.

“But when you talk about raising taxes, upsetting the status quo and redistribution of wealth, white America gets a little nervous, which makes black America very nervous. When white America gets a cold, black folks get the coronavirus.”

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