Reelect Trump. Deny Justice

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BennettDec 11, 2018Liked by John Stoehr

Politic when played for keeps is a blood sport. It's how the Republicans have played it. Democrats who think similarly would want Trump in the presidency: after all, why destroy a president when you can go after his entire party? It's the gift that could keep on giving--and since the GOP has demonstrated that it has no standards, it's the party that needs dismemberment, not its standard bearer. Trump was but a symptom of the disease. (For if Trump were just an aberration, then one could argue otherwise. In the end, it's not a question of bringing knife to a gun fight but of bringing a bazooka.)

John StoehrDec 11, 2018

I have been wondering about something along these lines: is it better to impeach and remove or it is better to extract pretty much whatever you want? The choice isn't that clear, but it's interesting.


I see two related questions...

Is it better to impeach Trump and have the pasty and dull (but cleaner) Pence as the new face of the Republic party to run against (call this "Pulling a Gerald Ford") or milk the Trump cow in order plant discord among Republicans lower down the pecking order (and possibly win the presidency--not a given with Trump leading base more loyal to him than his party)?

I lean towards the latter, but it means conditioning the Steyer base of Democrats to that strategy. The easiest argument for that is that Trump may be corrupt and a lawbreaker--a real threat, indeed--but in terms of policy, Pence is no better and, given his actual stability, could be more threatening in that regard. (After all, nearly all of Trump's accomplishments are by executive order because he has no skill for negotiating those compromising measures that pull Democrats, especially \corporate suck-ups like Schumer, into his corner.

My two cents.

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