The Winnowing of Tulsi Gabbard

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BennettJan 31

A few things to be said about Gabbard: 1) Her profile, for all intents and purposes, resembles that of a Trump voter who backed Sanders; 2) She ran as a Democrat for purely opportunistic reasons--her district would have never elected a Republican; 3) She is a Hindu nationalist and her support of anti-Islamic leaders (Assad is a secularist) is no surprise; 4) She has a dyed-in-the-wool guru, which itself can explain a lot of things--from an ill-considered decision to run to her recent "indecisions" (this is a critical article on the matter:; 5) finally, the autopilot response of Sanders' supporters to forgive any other supporter of Sanders is always a sign of its own form of cultishness. Gabbard is company that Sanders himself can do without.