I started the Editorial Board in 2018 to give normal people a place to read about politics in plain English for the common good. I don’t sugarcoat things. I can be blunt. But I’m relentlessly honest. I don’t think much matters without loyalty to the truth.

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A little about me

First, I’m not a political scientist, but I have taught political science. Second, I’m not a partisan, but for the time being, the Democratic Party cares about what I care about. I’m a journalist, writer and citizen. I’m a former visiting professor of public policy and liberal studies at Wesleyan University; a fellow at the Yale Journalism Initiative; a contributing writer for the Washington Monthly; a contributing editor for Religion Dispatches; a columnist for Public Seminar; and senior editor at Alternet. My byline has been in news outlets big and small, but mostly small. My family and I live in the greatest city on the east coast, New Haven, Connecticut. Follow me @johnastoehr.

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Politics in plain English for normal people and the common good.


John Stoehr

John Stoehr is the editor and publisher of the Editorial Board, a newsletter about politics in plain English for normal people and the common good.