Free Speech Idiocy Is Killing Us

The Liberal Evangelists

Beto and the Temptation of Texas

On Impeachment, the Onus Is Shifting

Sirota Is Worse Than Conway

It's Settled: Trump Is a Racist

Trump Didn't Rewrite Rules of Republican Economics

The Guns of Bernie Sanders

Corruption Corrodes Everything, Everyone

Merit Has Little to Do with It

Gillibrand’s Turn in the Barrel

Yes, They Believe Trump Is God

'Post-Partisan' Future Is a Mirage

It's OK to Shun Fox News

How to Hold a Big Tent Together

We Have Enough Democratic Candidates. Please Stop

Kushner Is Everything That's Wrong with the Republic


It Doesn't Take a Mastermind to Conspire with Russia

Trump's Beef with Dick

Yes, Trump Can Win 2020

The Tale of Amy Klobuchar's Salad and Comb

Trump's Weakness Is Dangerous

Trump 'Outlawed' His Own Wall

Will Sanders Own Up to the Truth?

Sanders Is Still Not a Democrat

Neither Literally Nor Seriously

Trump Forces GOP to Expose His Weakness

Will Fox News Save Trump?

How to Pick a Democratic Nominee

About Those Alarmed But Unnamed Strategists

Thumbs Up for Politics in Plain English!

Dems Moving to Defund CPB/ICE

Bezos Opens the Overton Window

The Cash-Value of Trump's Weakness

Missing from the SOTU? Trust

Will the GOP Split after SOTU?

The Parties Are Different

What Matters More: Wall or Fighting?


The Winnowing of Tulsi Gabbard

Schumer Deserves More Credit

Schultz Has Already Lost

Trump's Bubble Burst

Trump's Crimes Are in Plain Sight

Biden Is Already a Zombie Candidate

Is Trump Asking for Humiliation?

No Negotiating with a Criminal Mind

An Early Look at the Democratic Field

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Behind 'Owning the Libs'? Sadism

Why Don't the Dems Compromise?

Pelosi Holds Trump's Deepest Desire to Ransom

Trump Is Not a Dictator

GOP’s Intra-Party Collision Course

Republicans Support Abuse of Power

Incompetent, Criminally Minded, Fascist

Trump's Address Made No Sense

Tonight, Trump Pretends to Be Tough

Where Is the Impeachment Tipping Point?

Impeachment Isn't the Only Way

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Waiting for Trump's Collapse

Only Fox Can Save Trump


December 2018

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Trump Is the Worst Negotiator Ever

How Obama Changed Liberalism

How Magical Thinking Becomes Legal Reasoning

Borders Don't Make a Country

A Weak President Is a Dangerous President

We Now Know Trump Defrauded Voters

Dems Are Wedging Trump's Base

Trump Is Entering a Vicious Cycle

Collusion Doesn't Matter

Six Years After Sandy Hook, There's Hope

Trump Says He Fears Impeachment

'Master Dealmaker' No More

Reelect Trump. Deny Justice

The Case for Impeachment Is Still Unclear

The Cult of 'Personality Leftists'

Lindsey Graham's Political Theater

Why Isn't 'Pro-Life' about All Life?

GHW Bush and the Legacy of 'Vietnam Syndrome'

Straight Talk about GHW Bush

November 2018

Trump Is Getting Weaker

On Nancy Pelosi and Kirsten Gillibrand, We're Asking the Wrong Questions

Zero for the Wall, Zero for the Border

Just Open the Border

Why Most Pelosi Hot Takes Are Hot Garbage

Bear Hunting and the Myth of Conservative Victimhood

The Near Extinction of Blue-State Republicans

Will a Republican Primary Trump?

Liberals Disagree over Pelosi? Shocking!

Listen, Liberal. The Women Are Speaking

How Liberals Think About Impeachment

What We Talk About When We Talk About Checks and Balances

The Real Meaning of Jim Acosta

The Unpopular President Lost

Today Is Easy. Tomorrow Is Hard

Tuesday Is for Political Payback

In 2018, Liberalism Returns to the States

White Evangelicals Love Donald Trump. Why?

October 2018

Fascism Threatens Us. So Does Indifference

Trump Is the Wrong Kind of Nationalist

Hate Is Not Morally Relative

Propaganda Is Scarier Than Bombs

Yes, We’re All Fighting. But That Doesn’t Matter

Never-Trump Republicans, Please Pick a Side

Voting and the Practice of Liberal Virtue

Civility Isn't Dead. It's Just on Vacation.

On Health Care, Republicans Can't Run from the Past

Will Trump Side with a Cold-Blooded Killer?

The Khashoggi Story Isn’t Only about Human Rights. It’s about Emoluments, Too.

A New Order Struggles to Emerge

Conflict Now, Civility Later

Yes, We Get the Government We Deserve

Eric Holder Breaks the Taboo

No Going Back to Civility

Don’t Believe (Your Party's) Hype

Reality Check, Post-Kavanaugh

Russians Deepened Pattern Set by Republicans

The GOP Is About to Poison SCOTUS

The GOP Mob's Descent into Sadism

GOP Believes Voters Will Punish Dems for Kavanaugh

What the Kavanaugh Investigation Really Means

September 2018

The Republicans Compromised Kavanaugh to Confirm Him

The Republicans Will Die on This Hill

On Kavanaugh, Democrats Don’t Need the High Ground

Mitch McConnell Is Undermining SCOTUS' Legitimacy

What's Bad for Rosenstein Is Bad for Kavanaugh

Plain Talk about Christine Blasey Ford's Timing

Confirming Kavanaugh Is Like Confessing

Christine Blasey Ford Sets the Terms

Not Your Father's Democratic Party

Not Just a Men's Club

Don't Underrate the Power of Revenge

Why Is Ted Cruz, in Texas, Just Barely Ahead of Beto O'Rourke?

When the Old Rule with Impunity

Women are the Democratic Base

Kavanaugh and Mueller Are the Same Story

Anonymous Is Trump's Fortuneteller

Is Brett Kavanaugh a Legitimate Nominee?

Brett Kavanaugh Is Why We Need Voting Reform

August 2018

Trump Exposed the Left's Fault Lines

Don't Overthink Impeachment

Schumer Made the Right, Costly, Decision

In Death, John McCain Becomes a Potential Wedge Issue

Trump Believes Racism Makes Him Strong. McCain Knew Better

For Republicans, Rule of Law Is for Enemies, Not Friends

In the Era of Donald Trump, Lindsey Graham Grows Soft on Crime

Only Tyrants Get to Break Laws, Appoint Supreme Court Justices

Trump’s Lies Injure Us. Every Day

It's Not About Free Speech

Omarosa's Kompromat

What We're Not Talking About When We Talk About Nancy Pelosi

Weaponizing Third Parties

Dems Must Build a Democratic Culture, Too

Civil Society, Antifa's Silent Partner

Will ‘Save the President’ Work? Probably Not.

Dems Like Leftism, Not Bernie

What Trump Can Teach Us About Political Cycles of Boom and Bust

Is It Time to Debate GOP Loyalty?

For Republicans, a Time for Choosing

The Media's Addiction to Storytelling

Magical Thinking Makes Us Vulnerable

Time for the Media to Take a Side

July 2018

The End, When It Comes, Will Come Quickly

Trade War + Russia = Weakness

Who Do You Trust, Cohen or Trump?

The Media Myth of Teflon Don

Do House Republicans Need Russia to Win?

Trump's Base Is Probably Smaller Than We Think

Rumors of Democratic Disarray Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

Trump's Burden of Proof

Trump Is Telling Us He's Illegitimate

Why We're Talking About Treason

Despite Attack, the GOP Won't Fight Back

Nov. 9, 2016 = Sept. 11, 2001

A Fiasco That's Good for Democracy

We Think the Senate Will Go Blue

Is the President Above the Law?

Schumer's Hand Is Stronger Than You Think

Democrats Can Walk and Chew Gum

Dear Dems, Remember the Basics

The Supreme Court's Divisive Future

New SCOTUS Won't Check Trump's Power

Roe Is Doomed. Time for Hardball.

June 2018

Dems Must Attack Illegitimate SCOTUS

The Democrats' New SCOTUS Rule

Dems, You're Not Hearing What Maxine Waters Is Saying

Democrats' Turn to Break the Rules

Why Trump's Sadism Hasn't Harmed His Ratings

Trump's Greatest Con: Believe Me, I'm Strong

It's Not Fascism. It's Geriatric Fascism.

It's OK to Hate Trump's Sadism

Surprise! Crossing the Border Is a Misdemeanor

Save the Children, Deregulate the Border

Women Are Still the Ultimate Outsiders

Go Ahead. Get Mad. Politics Is About Conflict

Obama Was Right. Mandatory Voting Is the Future

Republican Masochism

Trump's Madness, Literally and Seriously

The Dem Establishment Strikes Back

What Happened to Jim Himes’ Spine?

Republican Sadism

Trump Perverts the Constitution

Only Trump Believes He Can Pardon Himself

4,645 Reasons to Impeach Trump

May 2018

Keep the (Democratic) Faith

The Problem No One Talks About

Just Say It. Baby Boomers Oppose Democracy.

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Clapper Provides the Democrats an Opening

Who Hates America Now?

Want Gun Control? Empower the ATF

Don't Blame Gorsuch. Blame Voters

The GOP Won't Let Republican Voters See Trump's Weakness

The Democrats Don’t Need Purity

Did SCOTUS kill the NRA's Dream?

Eugene Robinson Wraps Himself in the Flag

Lost Status of the Conservative Intellectuals

Don't Weaken Congress with Term Limits

Trump Is a Good Enemy. Corruption Is Better

Corruption Is the Force That Gives Trump Meaning

Dear Media, Embrace Your Elitism. Patriotically

The Elites Are Marginalizing Trump

The Public Has Trump's Number

Hush Money, Forgery, Lies, Collusion. Do You Believe Trump?

After Midterms, Dems Should Treat Trump the Way GOP Treated Obama

Nearly Every Major Paper Endorsed Clinton. Did Voters Ignore Them?

April 2018

The Michelle Wolf Debate Is Why Americans Hate Elite Journalists

The Truth about the Steny Hoyer Tape

Mick Mulvaney Shows Why GOP Corruption Is a Win-Win

The Politics of Pitying the First Lady

Paul Ryan's Fight Over Food Stamps Has Expired

Will Connecticut Dems Exploit the Coming ‘Taxpocalypse’?

After Trump's Election, a Smarter Republic

So Much Depends on Intellectual Dishonesty

Tyranny. This Is Tyranny

The Left Wants to #AbolishICE. It Should Want Open Borders, Too

To Get Around the Electoral College, Ignore It

Trump's Positive Impact on the Press

Will Trump Fire Mueller? Get Ready

Should We Impeach Trump? It Depends

Will the Republicans Turn on Trump? Depends If There Are Any Left

What Will the Republicans Do If Trump Fires Mueller?

Kevin Williamson's Firing Isn't Chilling

Republicans Aren’t the Only Ones Seething with Resentment

Parkland Teens Are Inspiring a Return to Civic Action


Liberals, to Win in Red States, Abandon Conservative Arguments

Esty Out, But Seat Safely Democratic

The Messy Fight Over Taxing Online Retailers

Politics in plain English for normal people.